Bathroom Sink

The bathroom is one of most sought-after room in the house by both residents and guests. It offers personal space and time to get refreshed and revitalized. The bathroom is not complete though without the sink. The bathroom sink is the center of all shedding and cleansing pursuits. After every toilet activity, one goes to the sink to do the necessary washing away. Every morning, the bathroom sink is not missed as gargling, brushing, and rinsing takes place. Thus, the bathroom sink is an important accessory to select and install.

The different types of sinks

bathroom sinkThere is a variety of sinks to choose from that will suit one’s taste as well as the bathroom’s overall ambiance. One of the more traditional ones is made of porcelain that may come in round, oval, or square shapes. What is nice about porcelain sinks is that they have smooth edges rendered safe from injuries. Yet, if personal touch is to be incorporated into the sink, then the custom-made solid surface sinks may be ordered. This way, the color and design can be tailored to achieve harmony with all the other fixtures in the bathroom. They could be a bit expensive though as they have to be installed by professionals.

Bathroom sinks with contemporary and stylish patterns are also available in the market. They can either be made of glass or metal. Glass bathroom sinks allow for creativity in its color scheme, quality, and design. Meanwhile, sinks that are made of metal materials can come in brass, chrome, copper and the popular stainless steel. These kinds of materials are mostly chosen because they are durable and last for a longer time. Metal bathroom sinks can also be combined with porcelain and glass elements for a trendier look.

Tips on choosing and installing the right one

After choosing the bathroom sink that satisfies you, installation is the next task to consider. Installation methods also come in various styles. There are freestanding sinks, vanity-mounted sinks, and integrated bathroom sinks. Freestanding sinks are those that can be installed and supported by the bathroom wall or other bases. They come in single or double sinks and sometimes with iron or steel frames and legs.

Vanity-mounted sinks on the other hand are dual-purpose sinks as they are not only attractive but give a lot of storage space especially for small bathrooms. The plumbing is also hidden from sight as they can be placed at the top part of cabinet. These sinks can be placed at a level with the counter top and sealed with a metal rim. Meanwhile, some sinks can be installed below the surface to allow for a wide countertop.

In one wants it all in one piece though, then the integrated bathroom sink gives you just that. This is because the sink is usually attached to the counter top with grooves meant for soap bars and backsplashes. Another advantage that this type of sink offers is an easy cleaning job.

Therefore, in choosing the right bathroom sink it is imperative to consider some factors. This includes the durability and price range of the materials used, the functionality of the bathroom piece, the overall fit and design of the sink, and the feasibility of installing them.

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